One day the penny dropped for me. After endless years of being my very own worst enemy, I stopped. I decided to stop the story I had been telling myself for years and create a new one so that’s exactly what I did.

My life turned upside down the moment I started to believe 5 major things about life:

1. EVERY single thought and belief I have is completely shaping my life experience.

2. I get to CHOOSE my thoughts and beliefs.

3. WE are more powerful that anyone teaches us.

4. By becoming profoundly aware of our thoughts, feelings, motivations and actions, we open up the scope to our greatest potential.

5.That we are ALL connected and essentially striving for the same thing.


Why Develop Self Awareness?

As we develop self awareness we are able to make changes in the thoughts and interpretations going on in our minds. Isn’t that incredible?! Changing our current interpretations or self-dialogue allows us to change our emotions. And when we change our emotions, we can change our whole outlook on life!

Believe it or not, we get to choose every thought we have. And when you really GET that, our whole lives can be reinvented.

Self awareness is the first step in creating the lives we truly want for ourselves. Where we focus our attention, our emotions, our reactions, our personalities and behaviors determine where we go in life. Having self awareness allows us to see where our thoughts and emotions are taking us. It also allows us to take control of our emotions, behavior, and personality so we can make the changes we want.

Until we are aware in the moment of our thoughts, emotions, words, and behaviors, we are essentially on auto pilot and that’s a tough place to be if we want to change the direction of our lives.

But how do we get there? Well, there are a million ways. No one approach or person has all of the answers but I may be able to help you along the way.

How you ask?

Why don’t we start with food? It’s something we all have to do to stay alive and it has been my experience that the relationship we have with food often indicates not only the relationship we have with ourselves, but the relationship we have with our life and the thoughts we hold on our innate potential.

It seems to be that our greatest strides forward in in life come right after we have been willing to surrender the thoughts on what we think is best for us. It is after embracing new beliefs or information, often times challenging the very core of what we think to be true, that the major and most satisfying and positive breakthroughs occur.

So how does BodyTyping play into this?

It is a unique way to wake up to yourself. To become more self-aware, conscious and in tune with what you really need to be at peace with your body and mind. Helping you understand your metabolism and what your body truly needs to function at its best is ONE of the many ways I can help you WAKE UP TO YOUR LIFE.

It truly is NOT a one size fits all when it comes to your dietary and nutrition approach just as it is NOT a one size fits all when it comes to how and what you should be doing to live YOUR best life.

So yes, it is about achieving a more positive body image but it goes deeper than that. Becoming more self-aware will start giving you the self power you have been looking for to take back your life and to live life on your own terms.

This is about physical, mental and spiritual growth. The trinity of wellness. Because true inner peace lies in all three.

Reinvent your life, body and mind.

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Reviews of Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan

5 out of 5 Stars. “Finally! The answer on how to feed my body!”
Here’s the information on how to feed your body and make it run efficiently and with a happier outlook. I finally understand how to truly eliminate fatigue and cravings! The weight loss is just an added bonus. The explanations describing each body-type make it easy to understand not only your own body, but the cravings and weight problems of loved ones.

5 out of 5 Stars. “Finally, a plan that works!”
The older I get, the more difficult it is to lose weight. My metabolism is very low, so dieting is especially difficult. I have been trying to lose 35 pounds for the last five years. The plans that I have been using are more flexible programs which would match my lifestyle. Then I decided to bite the bullet and begin a structured program. Since using The Body Type program, I have lost 18 pounds in six weeks. I feel wonderful–no headaches, more energy. I am a gonadal type–wide bottom.

5 out of 5 Stars. “Really good Outlook on life!”
This is not a blueprint to lose a couple of pounds and then go back to your normal diet. This is a complete diet change. Do this if you are looking for long-term results. It tells you why some diets and exercises work for some people and don’t work for others. Very motivating!

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